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Customize your dashboard and control panel using the ultimate TinyMCE plugin

Posted 14 Jan 2012 — by Teguh Yulianto
Category WordPress Plugins

If we want to create an article on the dashboard menu, we often have difficulties when going to use some accessories for the article. This is because there is no menu featuring some of the accessories from the existing panel on the dashboard. To overcome this you can use a plugin which is quite simple and has many options, one of which is the “ultimate TinyMCE” plugins, which this plugin provides many interesting options for those who want to optimize the appearance of an article on your blog. From some of the menu on the plugin, one that is often used is the “emoticons” which is one of the most popular blogs widget.

Apart from the emoticon menu, you also have a large selection of accessories are still quite attractive, ie some menus that you normally find on office applications. Read the rest of this entry »