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PulseMaps Visitor Map Plugin

Posted 30 Jan 2012 — by Teguh Yulianto
Category WordPress Plugins

For up to date with a blog, then one of the indications that you can know is by the increasing number of visitors. Where did you get to know the amount of that visitor? Today many services available that you can use to find out visitors, such as the arrival of visitors, time spent by these visitors to visit your blog, and many other functions. In general, applications that exist on this plugin is similar in function from Google analytics, but there are still some deficiencies that exist in the plugin. But if you’re interested in installing this plugin, you’ll want to adjust the needs of your blog, is it really needed or not.

visitor maps

As for installing the plugin, you can put in a few places, one of which is in the sidebar menu which you can modify the appearance of the widget. Read the rest of this entry »