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Social bookmarking Plugin, share Your posts

Posted 29 Jan 2010 — by Teguh Yulianto
Category WordPress Plugins

Social bookmarking is one effective way of increasing traffic and popularity. The existence of such ShareThis plugin, Sociable!, And allows us TweetMeme Button to bookmark this article online and share them through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. As we all know that to make the publication of an article is a lot of things we can do, such is to submit the article to multiple article directory sites, and also you can do in other ways, such as blog walking. Some are very effective ways, both in terms of time and the functions and benefits that we get.

In social bookmarks plugin itself there are lots of choices, including: simple social bookmarks, social bookmarking buttons, tell friends connect, and some micro blogging application available. In addition, another benefit we can get if you install this plugin is that we do not need to submit an article one by one, we just simply sign up once on the social bookmarks service, and then automatically every article that we submit to the site, will be automatically registered as well to sites other social bookmarks.