Fix Readfile Problem on TimThumb Script

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    Posted 10 Apr 2010 in WordPress Tricks

    Fix Readfile TimThumb ProblemDid you know, some of our GPL WordPress Theme created using TimThumb to generated better thumbnail for the WordPress Content. The scripts have some problem on some server. Such as this script need to have abilities to created / recreate some cache in our server. The other big problem is Readfile functions. On some server this server is disabled for security reason.

    After we googling, I found the easy solution to fix Readfile problem. WP Tricks coverage this problem and how to fix it. So if you server have some problem about Readfile you can go to the site and began fix readfile on TimThumb and began edit your current TimThumb to make it work.


    1. Ryan

      Yet another “solution” that’s not working for me. I have been searching the internet all day for a fix. I’m using a plugin called Portfolio by WebPhysiology that stopped producing thumbnails. It’s TimThumb making the thumbnails, but it’s not working. I have this script working on many other wordpress installs on my server, but this one just flat stopped working. The developer of the plugin hasn’t responded to my questions about it.

      There was an update to the plugin this morning but, alas, it’s not fixing my thumbnail problem. I don’t have timthumb doing anything else on this particular install, so I don’t know if it would be affecting anything else (like in my theme).

      If anyone can help, that would be greatly appreciated.


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