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Freebie Images, Plugin Images for WordPress

Posted 22 Jan 2010 — by Teguh Yulianto
Category WordPress Plugins

If you want to beautify your blog, especially those using WordPress platform, it never hurts to try this one plugin, namely Freebie Images. With a variety of features that are available, and also ease of installation on your blog, I’m sure will give added value to your blog. With the support of the GPL and the technological capabilities that are integrated, the use of this plugin can increase your blog’s performance in terms of existing images settings. Especially if your blog prefers quality images with high resolution in accordance with detailed drawings, this plugin can be attractive alternatives for you to try.
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Page Links To WordPress Plugins

Posted 03 Jun 2009 — by WPGPL Team
Category WordPress Plugins


Page Links To is my another favorite plugin for make useful menu. Menu that build with wp_list_pages(). With Page Links To plugins we can make new page but the page doesn’t have any content, because we will setup the point url will be. So when the pages is hover, the page will not go to pages on your wordpress, but the page menu will go to your point url. For me it’s really useful. I hope for you too.

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