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Add Paypal Button on Your Post or Page With Nice Paypal Button Lite Plugin

Posted 10 Feb 2012 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins

Selling or just Donation with paypal, why not? Sometime we want to add Paypal button to our post / page. so that, the people who want to buy or make some donation to our Paypal account can do it easily. But we don’t know how to make php code and the put it in to post or page. Hm.. that so hard right??? . But, if you are using WordPress you don’t need to think hard if only want to make Paypal Button that everyone can pay you easily via Paypal. Now, Already ready Paypal button plugin for WordPress to download. You can install The Nice PayPal Button Lite plugin on your WordPress engine and you will get the most convenient & flexible way to add PayPal Buy Now buttoverns to posts and pages!P

Whether you want to sell a few items or a lot of items, using the traditional PayPal “Buy Now” button, the Nice Read the rest of this entry »