Customize Admin Bar in WordPress 3.1

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    Posted 29 Mar 2011 in WordPress Plugins

    WordPress 3.1 has new feature called Admin Bar. Some people don’t want to use this and try removing this feature. If you don’t want to remove but just to customize you could look this two plugin that I’d like to share with you.

    Stick Admin Bar To Bottom

    This plugin will change the location of your Admin Bar into the bottom of your website. As a default function, Admin Bar had on the top page of your website that will covering you design for 28 pixels. So, if you’re installing the Stick Admin Bar to Bottom then your Admin Bar will go down into the bottom of your website.

    Admin Bar Minimiser

    This plugin can minimize the Admin Bar and of course you could show it again only with one click and the position still at the top of the website.

    Choose the plugin as best as you needed to implemented in your website, if you want to remove the Admin Bar, you might need to read this tricks.


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