Real time Visitor Stats plugin

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    Posted 29 Nov 2011 in WordPress Plugins

    Do you want to know about your visitor for your website? you can use this plugin to know how many people visit your site everyday. This plugin ready to list of pages people are currently reading every your posting. Beside of each of page the number of the people which read on that page. There is a list of popular pages are near the top of the list.  A list of recent readers and the pages they were or are on is also available. And other advantage of this plugin is, The plugin can monitor the widget 24/7. You can check how many people were simultaneously on your site, down to the hour easily.

    You can download this plugin here. After that you may extract it and upload to your website root by ftp or whatever you are using for.

    Exactly, you will not ever know about how many people visits you site or read every page you made before you use this plugin on your site.

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