Download Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox Plugin

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    Posted 30 Dec 2011 in WordPress Plugins


    Facebook is now a good media campaign and introduce our product or products from affiliate that we follow. And you need to put your facebook profile on you site so everyone visit your site will be add as friend on facebook that may other people know you and your site, hm…., that’s very nice right?. But not everyone know how to do that. Now, you can do that with free and without need to think hard about script, you only need to install Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox Pluginon your site.

    With the plugin, all of  your visitors should know about your facebook page and then be sure they will tell their friends. With this plugin you can display a preconfigured Facebook Page-Like Box inside a lightbox.Here is the features:

    • Display the facebook lightbox onload with or without a delay
    • Limit the lightbox to once every x days for individual visitors
    • Promote your own facebook fan page
    • Uses the NEW facebook likebox code (no more the old depreciated version)
    • Facebook page is needed
    • No api key needed

    Download Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox Plugin

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