Use the Device Theme Switcher plugin to automatically change your default theme

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    Posted 24 Jan 2012 in WordPress Plugins

    If you often create a blog, especially with the wordpress platform, must have often seen the display theme by default, is not it? You can do some modifications and changes automatically with the help of this plugin, namely Device Theme Switcher plugin. If we consider, this plugin will only serve to add some themes that exist in the dashboard, if you want to activate this plugin or not. Some view of the theme is indeed quite interesting, one of which is a view with a background in the form of tablets theme. This application is perfect for multiple blogs with a specific theme, one of which is technology.

    Need to know if you want to use the theme of which this is setting a few values €‹€‹that exist in the dashboard, whether in accordance with the criteria you blog or not. As for the colors used, is still limited to several kinds of colors, so you do not have many options for other types of themes. However, if viewed, the display theme is interesting enough for the size of a free theme. Although there are some themes with a view that is almost the same, but mostly a paid version theme.

    With this plugin you can adjust the shape and appearance of the themes that will be used, be it very limited. There are several other applications that may be used, in particular to maximize the look of that theme.

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