Choosing a simple theme for adsense

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    Posted 16 Jan 2012 in WordPress Themes

    If you are serious about making money through the Internet, such as for example by following the Google Adsense program, there are some things you should look, one of which is the selection of themes for your blog. Use of the right theme is quite influential on your success in following the program. How to choose a theme that suits the application that we follow, in this case Google Adsense? There are several criteria that must be adjusted, although in the end the decision is in yourself. Some things to consider in choosing the type of theme are:

    wordpress themeFast loading
    As we know that a theme that has a pretty fast loading process will affect the quality of these blogs on search engines. By using a theme that has a loading speed is stable, then this will give added value to the blog. You can compare some of the themes that are desirable before

    Simple Theme
    As a theme that will be used to optimize Google Adsense, should you choose a theme with a simple display. This is to avoid your blog visitors to see some other things that exist on the blog. Usually, more and more widgets on that theme, the concentration of these people will move to some other themes, so less likely to click on the adsense. Hopefully with some themes that are qualified and meet the SEO standards, you will be able to increase earnings from Adsense. And one more things that must be understand, don’t try some free theme without check it your script code inside, beware.

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