Use the social WP slider for your social media updates and share

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    Posted 15 Jan 2012 in WordPress Plugins

    Facilities are integrated with social media is enough to help us in providing information to all visitors to the blog, especially those that become our follower for some kind of social media like Facebook and Twitter. Equipped with a variety of features and appearance are quite interesting, you can install the plugin on your blog. One of the plugins that can be used and directly integrated with an account of social media is social WP slider. With this plugin you can easily view the status of your last, ranging from updates, share applications, and several other features. Use of this plugin has many advantages, including the feature that is quite complete. Several accessories are available in this plugin is the “small icon” of both social media.

    wp social plugin slider

    As usual, to use this plugin you do not need to be too difficult to do, this is because the installation process is similar to some special plugin of WP. All you need to do is do some settings in the dashboard menu to get the view that in accordance with our wishes. Today the use of plugin social media-based it is becoming a trend, especially since a given feature is quite easy and provides many benefits for us who are building a blog. Although it looks simple, but you will feel a significant difference from a social media plugin.

    Through some of the settings right, you can adjust to a desired update schedule status, such as for some who want share your final status on blogs and social media. From some of the settings, usually every arrangement made ​​must meet the criteria, such as for example should not be too often do an update; this could be an indication that the feature is one of the less powerful feature later.

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