Choosing the appropriate plugin for WP blog

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    Posted 13 Jan 2012 in WordPress Plugins

    Having a blog with WordPress platform is very profitable, as well as the many features available, the ease of doing optimization, and that pretty much help is the availability of plugins that we need. Each plugin is of course has the function of each, according to our needs. Of the few plugins that are available, of course we should be able to choose the type of plugin that match criteria that we have blogs. Some plugins are usually categorized into several sections, such as SEO, posts, traffic, scheduling, animation, and some plugin functions in general. As for the optimization of a blog, you can generally use a plugin associated with SEO. There are lots of plugins associated with the facility of SEO, of course there is a free and paid.

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    From some of the plugin, you must be careful, especially for the free plugin. This relates to the level of security used. Several types of free plugins that usually there is script code that serves to steal your personal data, therefore, in determining the plugin you must be really selective. But this does not mean you should not use the plugin for free, because there are some free plugins that are also quite powerful, especially if used for the application of SEO. But what often becomes a problem with the plugin which is free normally exist in the band with consumption, which often leads to the existence of this plugin loading process to be a little disturbed.

    As for paid application plugins, of course, provides many benefits for you, one of which is to support the plugin from the seller. In addition to support, you can also get updates of these plugins, especially to overcome if one plugin is not compatible with some of the wordpress platform to date.

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