SEO STT2 is the best plugins for keyword collection

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    Posted 13 Jan 2012 in WordPress Plugins

    To analyze a keyword is quite difficult, especially if the keywords you want to use a keyword with a fairly high level of competition. Many of the alternatives that we can use to find keywords that are frequently searched by Internet users, one of which is to use SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2, where this plugin serves to collect a few keywords that are often used by search engines. The existence of this plugin is quite helpful, so we can better optimize the article we are going to write. Nevertheless, we should use this plugin with a reasonable, this is because this plugin is one of the several types of plugins to search conversion rate is quite high.

    seo plugin

    As for the existing settings in the menu settings in the plugin, should be tailored to the needs. If you use this plugin inadequate and not in accordance with the application and function of the desired SEO, of course, it can complicate your existence, one of which is an article you would be hard to get first place on search engines, especially Google. You can adjust the optimization of this plugin through some of the settings by entering the desired parameters, such as the number of keywords that you want to collect, and some other supporting parameters.

    If you are interested in this plugin, you can look through the menu panel dashboard that is in your account, by writing “SEO Search term tagging 2”, especially if you want to search through the menu. As for the installation process is not much different from other plugins, where you only need to do some of the registration process directly.

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