How many plugins that may be install on your blog?

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    Posted 17 Jan 2012 in WordPress Plugins

    To optimize a blog, especially those based wordpress indeed be able to perform a variety of ways that a blog be more qualified. One of the advantages possessed by WP include a high level of compatibility of some plugins. But you also should consider installing a plugin, this is in accordance with the criteria of a blog. Choosing the appropriate type of plugin is good enough to further improve the performance of these blogs, but you are also not recommended to install the plugins too much. Install the plugin in the amount is too much, other than ineffective will also spend resources, in this case your blog server.

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    In doing some optimization a blog, I guess you can choose the desired type of plugin, so the use of the plugin can be more effective and the desired target. Such conditions are usually common in those who have just created a blog for learning purposes, so its use can not be tailored to the needs. Some plugins are installed regardless of the functionality of the plugin can actually lead to decreased performance of these blogs, so it is quite detrimental to us as users of the blog.

    Adjustment blog with several types of plugins are quite a lot of help, especially if the blog will be used as one of the media business to introduce your product. In addition to performing optimization on the plugin, to support the performance of a good blog, you should also pay attention to themes that are used. Some kind of theme with a fairly simple view is believed capable of providing added value to the optimization blog. But for this one problem, should you choose a premium theme, so that later gives the impression of a professional and elegant. For some themes have also prepared a separate upgrade at any time if needed.

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