Horizontal slider plugins to enhance your blog

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    Posted 18 Jan 2012 in WordPress Plugins

    WordPress with all the benefits certainly very interesting to try. Various plugins has its own function you can customize to the needs of these blogs. Every blog that uses wordpress platform must have felt easy to use some features in it, especially with the presence of the plugin. Of the many plugins that are often used, perhaps “slider plugin” is one of choice. Plugins of this type typically used for blogs with design and photography theme. Slider plugin function itself is usually more functionalized to give the blog more interesting and unique.

    horizontal plugin

    With the slider plugin you can create a variety of creative menu with a variety of images, such as by adjusting some existing navigation on the blog has become more attractive in terms of looks. While for some type slider itself is usually so many kinds, ranging from slider plugins for free version of to plugin for the paid version. I think all tailored to the needs of the function of these blogs and also the theme used.

    To use this plugin is quite easy. Once you’ve finished the installation process, there are several menus that will be used to set the number of images you wanted to display. In addition, you also can adjust the position of the slider is, whether above, middle, or below the blog template. All the plugin settings are aimed at making you gain optimal function of this plugin. With the plugin is expected look of your blog can become more attractive and bring lots of visitors. Some versions already support wordpress plugin, so you do not have to worry about the compatibility of this plugin.

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