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    Posted 18 Jan 2012 in WordPress Plugins

    One fairly well-known social media today is facebook. As one means to share information, applications that exist on this site is quite diverse. Likewise, if you want to promote the newly written article, through the facilities of the plugin direct link, you can directly update the status that contains the article. This course provides many benefits for you, especially for some types of blogs are still new. With this plugin you do not need to be some updates manually through your Facebook account. Use of this plugin is quite a lot of benefits, in addition to easy, this application also have compatible with multiple platforms and versions of WordPress are available.

    FB add link

    Indirectly by the plugin is of course able to improve the quality of your blog content and can be updated directly on the Facebook fanpages, although you are advised also have to keep doing it manually. If the views of its effectiveness, the use of this plugin is quite helpful, especially if you have some kind of blogs that should be shared simultaneously. Equipped with some of the features and settings available in this plugin, you can synchronize this plugin with several other types of plugins which are also directly integrated with social media.

    Meanwhile, if you want to make some desired changes, especially for some of the view you see is simple, of course, this can provide a lot of convenience, especially if facilities are available on the plugin is adequate if it is used to assist you in promoting the newly written article. The absence of such a plugin facility may often make you feel difficulty in promoting an article, so facebook fanpages own plugins can be an alternative for you.

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