Adding Twitter name link at your post

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    Posted 27 Mar 2011 in WordPress Plugins

    I’d like to introduce a new WordPress Plugin called Twitter Name Link. When you mention some names of your friends or else using their twitter name you might use ‘@’ logo as a default symbol of twitter but you can’t link it directly into their twitter pages. Perhaps you could link it manually using TinyMCE link toolbar while you’re posting some articles or story.

    This Twitter Name Link can help you to create link directly without bothering you find their link at twitter pages. Using this plugin quite simple, download the plugin here, upload into your blog, and then activated it. You will be found a button twitter at you toolbar button in your post editor. If you don’t want use the toolbar you can type it manually just like a shortcode with this syntax.


    That’s it, really simple right. If there are many simple thing to do then why we look other way that might be taking a lot of time to understand 🙂 .. cheers…

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