Using Option Framework at your themes

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    Posted 27 Mar 2011 in WordPress Plugins

    As a web designer I believe you all know woothemes. They has been downloaded by more than 1.5 million user and provide more than three thousands designer. Woothemes also has his own themes option framework with their own complexity.

    I’ve just found a themes option like the woothemes and I think it’s very useful to us as a wordpress desginer. Themes Option provide to make easier user who use our themes suppose they aren’t too much opening themes source code to modify our themes. This themes option is free to download with GPL license because it can be found in here at

    My suggestion is you need to download themes sample that already created by Devin Price at At the first time look into these framework I’ve got confuse how to implemented the option to my own themes. There are needs to learn deeply to applying into our themes. But after seeing Portfolio Press I have many clues to implemented.

    The code is heavily based on the WooFramework and their option styles.

    Said Devin Price, and yes this is true if you’ve see and might be downloaded one of themes. It is time for you to try it and share with us here.

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