Using Hits stat count for your blog performance

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    Posted 22 Sep 2011 in WordPress Plugins

    Usually to find the performance of a blog needed some supporting tools, which we usually have to install first. Such service providers are so many tools available on the Internet, either free or paid services. One special type of widget that is used to make observations on the performance of a blog is “Easy WP Stats“, where the use of widgets it contains information about a blog index, back links, visitor, google spider, and some of the information needed to determine the performance of these blogs .

    Hit counter for blog  If you have just created a blog and want to know the development of these blogs periodically, it never hurts to try to put the hit count on your blog. For the installation process, as in most widgets in general, you just follow a few commands in it, and follow intalasi process to complete. With this kind of widget it will be very beneficial for you, especially to find out some things that are less optimal on your blog in hopes to do the repairs for a few points.

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