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    Posted 16 Oct 2010 in WordPress Plugins

    If you have a blog, then one indicator of a blog is the number of visitors who come to your blog. There are many things you can do for these blogs are frequently visited, such as providing good content and much needed by the reader. If any of these things you can do, it is not impossible that your blog will always be more visitor every day.

    But how do we know that many visitors who come to our blog? One way that we can do is to install a few widgets that function to determine the number of visitors every day, how many visitors are online, how many page views, and much more.

    There are so many plug-ins that you can use to complement your blog. One is the “Visitor maps and Who’s online“. With this plug-ins you can find out where your visitors are coming, how many are coming, and some of the features of the widget. If you know in more detail visitors to your blog, then this could be one guide for you to sell a product or information from the State visitor came.

    Side bar widget

    Maps and Weather Widget

    How to setting up this Widget?

    Visitor Maps “Who’s Online”.

    To install the plug-in is not too difficult, especially for those who have long engaged primarily a blogging platform WordPress. In the plug-ins, you can make settings by utilizing some existing features, such as Maps, Flag, and Who’s online features.

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