WP BTBuckets WordPress Plugin Review

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    Posted 17 Aug 2010 in WordPress Plugins

    WP BTBuckets is a WordPress plugin by Omninoggin, function of this plugin is simple, it’s integrate BTBuckets with your installed WordPress.

    What’s BTBuckets? BTBuckets is a free tool that allows sites to create user segments and take actions upon them in real time. Think of segments as buckets, where you keep your users. For each bucket, you might take a different set of actions, as well integrating with Adservers, CMS, Web analytic or any other tool.

    WP BTBuckets WordPress Plugin Features

    • Works with any cache plugin
    • Super easy to setup see the screen shoot below
    WP BTBuckets WP Plugin Widget setup

    WP BTBuckets WP Plugin Widget setup

    Check BTBuckets Video for more details

    Download WP BTBuckects WordPress Plugin form Official Plugins Directory

    BTBuckets already has a WordPress plugin that automatically installs the tag on your site

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