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Use After the Deadline to check your Spelling and Grammar

Posted 31 Oct 2011 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins

Now, you don’t have to worry about your writing on your blog, because now you can use After the Deadline plug in to check your writing before you publish it. You will write easily and better. You just need to type or write like you want to, and then check it after. It will help you in spend less your time. This plug in automatically will check Contextual Spelling, Advanced Style and Intelligent Grammar. So interesting to use it as your new plug in.

It’s easy to use After the Deadline as you plug in, just download here, and then upload it. and also you may install Intense Debate Plug in to let your blog readers to check their comments also. We will post on next posting about What is Intense Debate and what is the advantage of it if we install on our blog.

Okay guys, with hope, it will be help you in write on your blog.

Download WP-reCAPTCHA Plugin

Posted 11 Jan 2011 — by WPGPL Team
Category WordPress Plugins

Have you ever found you WordPress site attackers so many spammer? and you didn’t know how to fix it? Maybe you auto deleted your spam comment using another plugin. Or you more easier to deleted your Spam Comment using phpMyAdmin. For me the best and easier way is added extra security to prevent any WordPress Spammer.

WP-reCAPTCHA Plugin - No Comment

WP-reCAPTCHA Plugin - No Comment

One my my favorite is WP-reCAPTCHA plugin, using this plugin, the spammer need more time to attack our site. Read the rest of this entry »

Comment posts with Comments Rating Plugin

Posted 23 Jan 2010 — by Teguh Yulianto
Category WordPress Plugins

Comment Rating Plugin

Comment rating is a plugin for the comments section where visitors can give rate for existing comment by clicking on the image stored, in this case usually a small icon. The comment rating purpose is to provide an opportunity for visitors to be able to comment moderation is in a way giving a good or a bad rate for a comment on an existing post articles. Plugin installation process is very easy to comment and rating can be done through the admin page of the Dashboard, Plugins, Add New.

After that just follow orders to stay that appears and then this plugin is ready for use. Comment rating plugin has several features that can be easily setting through the admin pages in the Settings, Comment Rating.
Read the rest of this entry »