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    Posted 23 Jan 2010 in WordPress Plugins

    Comment Rating Plugin

    Comment rating is a plugin for the comments section where visitors can give rate for existing comment by clicking on the image stored, in this case usually a small icon. The comment rating purpose is to provide an opportunity for visitors to be able to comment moderation is in a way giving a good or a bad rate for a comment on an existing post articles. Plugin installation process is very easy to comment and rating can be done through the admin page of the Dashboard, Plugins, Add New.

    After that just follow orders to stay that appears and then this plugin is ready for use. Comment rating plugin has several features that can be easily setting through the admin pages in the Settings, Comment Rating.

    Default image will appear at the bottom of each comment, but we also can place an image in accordance with the wishes in a way off the auto-insertion and then manually edit the comments.php file to add the following script or on where we want to place and setting.
    Some advantages comment rating plugin as described is as follows:

    • Auto-insert to comments AJAX based Clickable images
    • Configurable display of two vote numbers, a combined one or both
    • Preventing voting fraud with one vote per IP address.
    • Styling of popular and debated mostly based on comments on the votes
    • Poorly rated comments can be hidden in a click-to-see fashion.
    • Styling of the vote numbers differently.
    • Mouseover effect on images to entice voting
    • Choice of images and image size
    • Localization for multi-lingual support
    • Functions are providing for theme customization.
    • Allow vote types of: positive only, negative only votes or both.

    And several other advantages possessed by these plugins. If you’re curious, maybe you can try it for yourself, and feel the benefits.


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    2. Cathy

      I think your rating system on comments is a great idea. Certainly it would get rid of some of the non-related content we all get which is just short of spam. Just one question — why aren’t you using it here?

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