Akismet plugin, protect your post from Spam comment

    Posted 01 Feb 2010 in WordPress Plugins

    If you often get some comments in the inbox on your blog comments, especially those using WordPress platform, you can install one plugin that works to overcome these. One plugin that you can use is Akismet. Akismet is a WordPress plugin wordpress which is included in every installation. This plugin is a plugin to be installed on every blog that uses WordPress platform. Because with this plugin automatically in the form of comment spam can be avoided, so it is very effective to reduce the amount of comment spam.
    There is now the latest version of Akismet is equipped with graphical statistics. Statistics Akismet will make tracks to the comments received, including spam is not detected and false Positives. This latest version of Akismet was also accompanied by a graph that displays non-spam comments on the form of spam comments. Although the plugin is only able to avoid comments that are spam, not to make the spam filter itself. You can upgrade Akismet and enjoy the advantages provided by the latest version of Akismet which would make you avoid comments that do not want.


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    3. Jack Property Investment Seminars

      After reading your blog i have installed Akismet Plugin to stop my post from spam comment.
      Thank you so much for sharing.

    4. Nick Property Manager

      I have a blog. I get lots of spam comment, but don’t know what to do about it. After reading your great blog, i have installed the plugin.

    5. Erry Kurniawanto

      can i put some words/paragraph to my website? thanks..


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