Protect your blog from splogger with WangGuard

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    Posted 08 Dec 2011 in WordPress Plugins

    Have you protect your website from spams, sploggers ? or you might use a blog protection code so far, are you satisfied?, Exactly, you can choose of many website or blog protection plug in or code, free or paid, it’s doesn’t matter.  But make sure you stay to control your website regularly to make sure if your website or your blog is secure from spams and splogger attack. Or you may use WangGuard to protect your website from any spams an splogger attack.

    WangGuard are not only protect your website from sploggers, spam users or unwanted users. WangGuard will be cleans your database from them. No plugin or service does this, only with WangGuard you will get this feature. This plugin is fully compatible with Standard WordPress (non-multisite), WordPress MU, WordPress Multisite, BuddyPress (multisite and non-multisite) and bbPress 2.0 plugin. And also you have to report to WangGuard about the splogger.

    After you install WangGuard you don’t  need to put any kind of filter in the user registration page or comment  such as captcha because automatically the WangGuard will protect form any spam comments. And that will make your visitor easier to leave comment or register on your website.

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