Auto Backup Scheduler

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    Posted 16 Dec 2011 in WordPress Plugins

    This plugin should be on your plugin list on your wordpress engine. Because this plugin was very useful plugin to backup your posting on your blog everytime, so you can stay calm without to spent time to back up. That plugin is Auto Backup Scheduler. With this plug in you can choose which folders you will save, whether your database should be saved, whether the backup is stored on the local website or sent by email that support of multipart zip files.

    This plugin use SL framework. You may translate this plugin on polish, france, italian and spanish laguange with an embedded feature which is very easy to use by any end-users without any external tools and no need other knowledge. You may also create a new plugin. You will download, from the plugin, an “hello World” plugin: You just have to fill the blank and follow the comments.

    More over, all the plugins developped with this framework is able to use astonishing tools, such as embedded SVN client (subversion) to easily commit/update the plugin in repository, detailled documentation of all available classes and methodes, updating the core with a single click.

    Click here to download this plugin

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