Auto Blogging with Snap Content Plugin

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    Posted 02 Dec 2011 in WordPress News

    Do you want to have website? but you don’t have time to write on, or you a beginner so you don’t know how to start blogging or writing on your blog. Snap + Content may you choose as your auto blog and auto content for your blog.

    Snapcontent is the most advanced autoblogging tool ever created, and the ONLY autoblogging tool that doesn’t pointlessly fill up your auto blogs with dupe content.You only need 30 seconds to setting this plugin and your blogs can be posting unique content on any topic you like. The content looks as good as lots of hand written blog content, and even convinces human visitors that this is a ‘real’ blog, not a ‘splog’.

    But this plugin is not free, you need about $50 a month to use this plugin, pay using paypal. click here to try this plugin. You have 5 days free to use this plugin and you canceled your Paypal payment anytime.

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