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    Posted 01 Feb 2010 in WordPress Plugins

    If you want to install the flickr widget in WordPress, then you must have an account at To have an account on flickr, you must have an email from yahoo. If you already have a picture or photo to be uploaded to flickr, wordpress can be displayed in the widget by using the features provided flickr wordpress.

    How to add widgets in wordpress flickr:

    • Sign in to> Your link Photostream search> search for orange RSS icon at the bottom left near the writings Subcribe to …., Point your browser to the icon, it would seem flickr feed url if clicked will appear in a browser url example:

    feed: / / view/123456789 / / =********N ** & lang = en-us & format = rss_200

    flickr feed url it is
    =******** N ** & lang =
    en-us & format = rss_200

    This URL will be inserted into the search box in the flickr widget, copy the URL.

    • Login to wordpress
    • View
    • Widget
    • Added flickr
    • Paste the feed URL in the location specified
    • Titled
    • Set the view as you wish
    • Click Save
    • Click Visit

    If the flickr feed URL is entered correctly, the picture or pictures will appear in the sidebar, according to the amount that is set up.


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