Use After the Deadline to check your Spelling and Grammar

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    Posted 31 Oct 2011 in WordPress Plugins

    Now, you don’t have to worry about your writing on your blog, because now you can use After the Deadline plug in to check your writing before you publish it. You will write easily and better. You just need to type or write like you want to, and then check it after. It will help you in spend less your time. This plug in automatically will check Contextual Spelling, Advanced Style and Intelligent Grammar. So interesting to use it as your new plug in.

    It’s easy to use After the Deadline as you plug in, just download here, and then upload it. and also you may install Intense Debate Plug in to let your blog readers to check their comments also. We will post on next posting about What is Intense Debate and what is the advantage of it if we install on our blog.

    Okay guys, with hope, it will be help you in write on your blog.

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