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Shopping Online With Simple Cart & Buy Now Plugin for WordPress

Posted 18 Feb 2012 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins

Do you have online shopping blog ? Have you try WordPress as engine?. Probably you thinking that is impossible to make WordPress as Shopping online engine. Exactly you can use WordPress as your engine for your online shopping. But you need to install Shopping Cart Plugin. You can use Simple Cart & Buy Now plugin.  This plugin very easy to use and you can customize this is a shopping cart that uses your posts or pages as products. With an editor button you can create products on the fly.

Here features of Simple Cart& Buy Now plugin : Read the rest of this entry »

E Commerce plugin for your Blog

Posted 04 Jun 2010 — by Teguh Yulianto
Category WordPress Plugins

The existence of a blog is the longer its function changed. This much we met on several blogs that have tended to be used as a means to Monetize blog, where this is indicated by the existence of some facilities will be integrated in the blog itself, for example by the existence of e commerce features, such as payment gateway icon, paypal integrated banner, link direct, and some other functions of e commerce. Read the rest of this entry »