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    Posted 04 Jun 2010 in WordPress Plugins

    The existence of a blog is the longer its function changed. This much we met on several blogs that have tended to be used as a means to Monetize blog, where this is indicated by the existence of some facilities will be integrated in the blog itself, for example by the existence of e commerce features, such as payment gateway icon, paypal integrated banner, link direct, and some other functions of e commerce.

    You may be one person who wants to use some facilities of e commerce on the Internet, especially if it wants to apply these features to your blog or website. There are so many plugins that you can use for such purposes. While the e commerce facility itself so many kinds, ranging from online self-marketing, affiliate marketing, direct selling product, the lead page, and much more.

    For those of you who use wordpress blog platform can take advantage of one of the plugins that according to the e commerce, including the plugins provided by this site. This plugin can you apply for several types of online products, such as:

    • Clothing Companies
    • Crafters & Artists
    • Books, DVDs & MP3 files

    The features of each plugin you can choose according to the desires and the type of product that you want marketed. And certainly, this plugin has support for applications with a series of WordPress Web 2.0, so you can easily install these plugins and certainly compatible with the view that will you use (theme).


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      I was always afraid of trying to put ecommerce on my site, this looks so simple however I think I may try it out! Thanks!


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