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    Posted 28 Jan 2010 in WordPress Themes

    Gunungkidul is our first Free WordPress Theme in 2010, This theme built with CSS Framework. We create most unique and simply WordPress Theme ever. There are a lot of featured built in on Gunungkidul.

    Gunungkidul WordPress Theme

    Our main reason why Create Gunungkidul, I need to create something useful and easy to use WordPress Themes. And I have nicely plan, I will released minimallyร‚ย  one themes each month in 2010. So if you have some idea, let’s share and we hope we can give the best to all of you.

    What’s on Gunungkidul Theme

    • Framework
    • Theme Options (Flickr Photos, Latest Twitter, TimThumb)
    • 2 Columns with Extra Footer
    • A lot of Widgets
    • Simple and nicely fonts
    • Hover effect (check the demo for more details)
    • sans-serif Family (Helvetica, Arial)
    • Page menu with Drop Down Menu
    • jQuery
    • And many more
    • Rewrite WP-Caption using this tricks
    • Recent Comment without plugin
    • Recent Post with thumbnail (chmod 777 folder cache if you enable this feature)
    • AddThis Social Bookmarks Tools
    • ver 1.1: You can enabled or disabled Twitter and Flickr trough Theme Panels
    • ver 1.1: You can add Twitter and Flickr trough widgets

    Old Version Theme Options

    New Version

    Gunungkidul New Theme Panel

    Plugin Needed?

    For better experience install this following plugins

    Check Gunungkidul Theme demo and if you satisfied with it, please share on ๐Ÿ˜‰


    You can download Gunungkidul on Theme Directory or using our links below

    [download id=”10″]

    Need custom?

    Using our contact from.

    Releases Notes


    1. Marita

      Hello – great theme, I finally found one that I feel at home with ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Why is there no css for quotes? Now my quotes shows up by the wame way as regular text. Do you have a piece of code I could put in the css-file?

      2. The titles in the sidebar is weird looking, I want them to not be so far away from the content.. how do I fix that?

      3. The share-thingy (twitter, facebook, etc) after the post – I don’t want that, how do I remove it?

      4. And finally, at the top right of the blog, there is a red line with rss-links and so on.. I have managed to remove the links to rss comments etc, but I want the whole red line to be gone – how?

      Btw, I’m using the theme on my blog

      Thanks for help in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

      • WPGPL Team

        Thanks you marita.. I was updated this bugs on version 1.3 please download it again….

    2. LearnToFly

      The Header displays the date/time incorrectly. The Time component should be HOURS:MINUTES using h:i instead of h:m syntax. (Lower case m is for month and not time) Also, this now uses Server time (dependant on server geo location) and not the adjusted WordPress time.

      • WPGPL Team

        Hi LearnToFly editor, do you have any suggestion to fix it? and let’s me updated Gunungkidul theme…

    3. fressbook

      Thanks for great themes.

      I want to add adsense on top of post (before post/after header), where I place the adsense code?

    4. Ella

      lovely theme.
      I have a problem, I installed the theme yesterday and cannot find the admin button to login. It sounds ridiculous but I simply dont find it! It was at the navigattion on header…now its not visible.


    5. Ella

      I tried to download a widget that supports the login from the navigation but somehow it didnt work, the button admin wasnt enabled.

    6. SekolahVirtual

      Thank you for this perfect theme.
      We use for one of our site :
      Excellent !!!

    7. aminhers

      Beautiful and clean theme so my blog looks so nice. Thank you.

    8. SandraM

      I love this theme. Really do. But I’m cracking my head about the sidebar. I understood that you have to disable all the widgets to have Flickr and the others to work. But I need some more things there. I’ve tried everything, including that piece of code said to Roland. Didn’t work for me. I tried to add another sidebar – didn’t work. I don’t know anymore what to try.

    9. Dave Porter

      Hi There,

      Great theme, really want to use it, but I find that if I have sub-pages, the menu is broken in Chrome.

      Sometimes when you hover over the menu, the drop down can be accessed, but sometimes it clears before you can choose a sub-menu item.

      Works fine in Firefox and IE8

      regards, Dave

    10. Tom

      How can I change the overall width of this theme ?

    11. aguscwid

      I’m using this theme now, but i have a little problem with recent comment plugin. could you help me to exclude admin comment?

      • WPGPL Team

        Hi Aguscwid, if you want exclude admin comment, you can use default wordpress recent comment or using get_recent_comment plugin..

    12. abbie

      It’s great to find another Indonesian wp theme developer.
      I’m loading the demo now, and start clicking the download link right after this comment.
      Keep a good work bro..!!

    13. Dave

      Hey ive loaded up this template on this site:, however im not sure how to edit the subcategories under the header? like how do i add a link to my forum. thanks.

    14. sy!

      Thanks a lot, it’s my new theme !

    15. Software Crunch


      First, I would like to thank you for this great theme. I just have a quick question. For some reason, the latest posts are not showing on the sidebar on the home page. It shows on on the single page but not on the home page.

      Please help.



      • WPGPL Team

        You need to create more post to show your latest post. Our Latest post using new method. I call it Dynamics Latest Post ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Nat

          how many posts ? cause I have created 7 posts and still no lastest post on the home page ๐Ÿ™

          thx !!

          ps: great theme btw ! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Nat

            oki it works !! ๐Ÿ™‚

            maybe in order to avoid people bothering u, u should say that we need to add 10 posts before it works non ?

            good day



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