Posted 11 Aug 2009 in WordPress Plugins

    poll-daddyIf  you need some poll on your website or blog,you should try Poll services by PollDaddy.com, After automattic company acuired PollDaddy, some user created incridible plugin to integrated PollDaddy with WordPress.

    I was tried this plugin on WPGPL.com and so far so god. This is some information that I can share to all of you about this plugin.

    The PollDaddy plugin allows you to create and manage your PollDaddy.com polls from within your WordPress blog’s administration area.

    I have multiple authors on my blog? What happens?

    Each author that wants to create polls will need his or her own PollDaddy.com account.

    But, as an Administrator, can I edit my Authors’ polls

    Yes. You’ll be able to edit the polls they create from your blog. (You won’t be able to edit any of their non-blog, personal polls they create through PollDaddy.com.)

    Neat! Um… can my Authors edit MY blog polls?

    Nope. The permissions are the same as for posts. So Editors and Administrators can edit anyone’s polls for that blog. Authors can only edit their own.

    That some details fact about PollDaddy WordPress plugin, you can download PollDaddy plugin now and tried it on your own website. Have a nice Poll and blogging 😉


    1. Cheryl Ragsdale

      good morning,
      I’m using polldaddy and I absolutely love it! It’s easy to use and looks great either inside of a post or in one of the widgit columns.

      check my site to see how it looks in action! Oh, and while you’re there, try it out by answering the question!

      Thanks guys,

    2. Yu-kai Chou

      Hey! Thanks for the awesome post. I used to use Polldaddy too for my the Viralogy Blog too, but I didn’t even know about the permission differences 😛

      After awhile we actually switched to ProProfs and it’s working out pretty neatly. It has a few good features (especially the detailed analytics part regarding the polls) that Polldaddy doesn’t have. Errr actually I’ll just go and paste that for you…

      “* Big community of wide variety of voters centered around knowledge & opinions
      * Embed polls on any blog, website, e-learning system, and social networks
      * Integration with: Yahoo Flickr Images, YouTube Video, Google Maps
      * Customization controls for color themes & size
      * Advanced analytics & filters such as geographical location, duplicate IP & detecting fraud votes
      * Review & record each vote with timeline, location & IP details”

      I also found a tour that’s explains it pretty well http://www.proprofs.com/polls/tour/

      You can consider checking it out. Anyhow, keep them awesome WordPress posts coming! Very helpful 😀


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