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Monitor and scan Your website For Error with Jumpple Plugin

Posted 05 Dec 2011 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins

Jumpple plugin is a usefull WordPress monitor plugin that control, monitor, scan your website everytime to avoid any error. So you may  get advanced protection with Jumpple realtime 24 hours a day. You just need click of a link button on your website, your blog or your online store will be automatically monitored. And you may also receive real time notifications if you have an error on your website. Jumpple plug in is a free plugin that you can download here or you can directly download from Jumpple website. But to get this plug in work on your website, you have to do a 3 easy step following :

  1. Register on Jumpple website with your website and email, Click here
  2. Check your email for your account details.
  3. Go to and choose your notification types.

For more information you may check it on Facebook or on Twitter. Use jumpple and get more protection on your website.


Improve your website faster with My Load Times Plugin

Posted 01 Dec 2011 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins

Do you have problem with your website? or probably your website going to slow down?, lets My Load Time plugin overcome everything, so your website feel faster than before. My load Time is a plugin that’s will change everything of your website, you do not need to your bandwidth capacity anymore to up your site loading.

You have to download and then upload to your engine as soon before your visitor feel disappointed because they have to wait for a few minute to open your website.

Here how to enable this plugin :

  1. Download the plugin here
  2. After download completed, upload the plugin file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Done! and feel your site faster

After you enable the plugin, compression will be automatically enabled and your blog will load much, much quicker! You may also save your bandwidth between 50% – 80%.

With this plugin, you may save time, save bandwidth and save your money 🙂 Stats

Posted 28 Dec 2009 — by WPGPL Team
Category WordPress Plugins Stats is my favourite wordpress stats plugins, This Plugin show me enough information about our reader, I can track how many visit each day and which post that popular in current day. Automattic said that this plugins work with different way, not like many statistics available on the net, it’s display more readable and easy to read to blogger. You can Download Stats and test on your own wordpress.

There are hundreds of plugins and services which can provide statistics about your visitors. However I found that even though something like Google Analytics provides an incredible depth of information, it can be overwhelming and doesn’t really highlight what’s most interesting to me as a writer. That’s why Automattic created its own stats system, to focus on just the most popular metrics a blogger wants to track and provide them in a clear and concise interface.

That’s way I like this, this stats is enough for me, do you use it? And the good news is, on version 1.6 and up, they added shortlink generator. Now shortlinks are available on the Edit Post screen from a button next to View Post. It’s more useful than I excepted.

We hope we can released new free themes on this week.


Posted 11 Aug 2009 — by WPGPL Team
Category WordPress Plugins

poll-daddyIf  you need some poll on your website or blog,you should try Poll services by, After automattic company acuired PollDaddy, some user created incridible plugin to integrated PollDaddy with WordPress.

I was tried this plugin on and so far so god. This is some information that I can share to all of you about this plugin. Read the rest of this entry »