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    Posted 14 Mar 2009 in WordPress Themes


    vita WordPress Theme is unique style. This theme is really clean layout and support a lot of featured. The featured that you’ll got on vita is

    • Custom Image Header
    • Widgets
    • Comment Threaded
    • Gravatar
    • Separate Comment & Trackbacks / Pingback included counter
    • Fix Width
    • GPL licensed


    This is our second themes that hosted on, before hosted on this site. This theme is hosted on, but for some reason such as separate themes version betwen GPL and Non GPL theme, Nurudin Jauhari decided to move this theme on

    Download Now

    You can download vita on this url below


    You can check the vita demo now

    F. A. Q.

    How To Change About Text?

    Open functions.php and find this code

    	<li class="about boxr">
    Aenean dui quam, pellentesque ut, commodo ac, tempor aliquam, turpis. Etiam accumsan rhoncus nisi. Morbi velit enim, mollis et, elementum sit amet, egestas sed, diam. Curabitur scelerisque, nulla et facilisis fringilla, sapien elit auctor augue, at porttitor ipsum nibh faucibus ligula.
    Stats: <span class="catr"><a title="<?php global $numcmnts;echo $numcmnts;?> Post">
    < ?php global $numposts;echo $numposts; ?>
    </a> Posts</span>, <span class="comr"><a title="<?php global $numcmnts;echo $numcmnts;?> Comments">
    < ?php global $numcmnts;echo $numcmnts;?>
    </a></span> Comments</li>

    Then you can edit/replace on this text

    Aenean dui quam, pellentesque ut, commodo ac, tempor aliquam, turpis. Etiam accumsan rhoncus nisi. Morbi velit enim, mollis et, elementum sit amet, egestas sed, diam. Curabitur scelerisque, nulla et facilisis fringilla, sapien elit auctor augue, at porttitor ipsum nibh faucibus ligula.

    Change Logs

    1.0 : First released
    1.1 : Fix custom image header options
    1.2 : Add Pingback / Trackback URL
    1.3 : Fix Comment Problem, add comment on Page and Add wp-smiley style.
    1.4 : Fix Tag Layout, and Enable Threaded Comment (WordPress 2.7) [8 January 2009]
    1.5 : Move Themes Host and fix some issues [15 March 2009]
    1.6 : Fix Page comment problem and WP Caption [9 July 2009]

    If you found any bugs or problem regarding this theme, you can leave some comment on this post.


    1. Rick Bakas

      Love the theme. As soon as I went with this theme, my traffic shot up to about 10,000 hits a day from about 2,000. All the web 2.0 plugins helped no doubt. Many compliments.

      I seem to be having issues now that I foolishly upgraded to WP 2.8. The dashboard features don’t seem to be working now. Are you working on any updates?


    2. Dave

      Love this theme, but I really need to make the header image clickable, to return to the homepage. Is this possible?

      • WPGPL Team

        You need to tweak a little bit the code if you want made it clickable.

        Can you do it?

        • Kelvin Lim

          Hi guys,

          Awesome theme, I love it! I have the same question as Aaron here, how do you get rid of the “Site Admin” link at the top bar of the theme? And how can you modify this to add new links to it?

          Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

    3. Linda

      I can’t figure out how to find where I Open functions.php and find the code to change/edit the About section. Please help!

      • WPGPL Team

        Just follow my instructions above

      • Linda

        Sorry, but how do I open functions.php?

        • WPGPL Team

          You can do it with Theme Editor and choose functions.php

    4. Jasper

      How do you enable comments on the homepage?


    5. Michael Carroll

      Is there a way to turn text in the text widget into a link on this theme? Just using the editor on the wp admin page. Thanks.

      • Michael Carroll

        No worries-I figured it out. I had uploaded your template twice each with a different root folder name. The WP editor got confused and edited some pages in one copy and others in the duplicate. The browser displayed a combination of the two. Once I deleted oneof the duplicates, I was able to do my edits successfully.

    6. Michael Carroll

      Using WP 2.8.2 Trying desparately to edit text in “About” per your instructions but no matter how often I type/replace old text, no changes appear in the page. I’m using Safari (if that matters). Thanks for any help.

      • Michael Carroll

        Figured this one out, too. Great theme. Thanks.

    7. Michael Carroll

      Love your theme. Is there a way to highlight the results returned from typing in the search box? Thanks.

    8. Michael Carroll

      Hi there. I’m having trouble making the more tag work. I type a post, insert the more tag, then continue typing. When I preview the post, the more tag isn’t there and the rest of the post is still on the page. Do I have to edit the page.php template to use the more tag? Thanks.

    9. Michael Carroll

      The more tag doesn’t seem to be working. I type a post paragraph, click the more tag to insert it, continue typing. The post shows all the text without any “more” link. Any help? Thanks

    10. Michael Carroll

      Using Vita 1.6 Can’t seem to eliminate or replace the favicon that came with the theme. Any help? Thanks.

      • Michael Carroll

        Oops, you must think me annoying. Just figured out I needed to do a hard refresh to get the favicon to show up. Hey do you live in Bali? One of my favorite places in the world!

    11. Salvador N Sahagun

      i deleted my sidebar and i would like to get it back
      i also need to know how to get rid of that latin stuff and change the java image

    12. pablo

      Hi, I have problems when attach an image to post, in gallery no appers attach, but when I change the theme works fine…

      Please help!

      • WPGPL Team

        Give me live URL please…

    13. Eirik

      The page comments seem to have disappeared again. I would assume after the last WP upgrade.

    14. Michael

      I am trying to delete the entire comment section how do I do that?



    15. Michael

      figured it out….just remove all the code in comments.php

      is there another way beside that?

    16. Tom Brussels

      Hi guys,

      Great job on the theme, for me the best design and layout! Many thanks!!

      I have a small issue with Internet Explorer: In ‘Recent Posts’, third column, IE seems to add some additional carriage returns after each entry. This doesn’t occur when using Firefox. Any idea – your help is greatly appreciated.

      The website:

      Keep up the good work!



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