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    Posted 12 Feb 2009 in WordPress Themes


    Welcome to WordPress GPL Themes & Plugins resource. And this if our first Free WordPress Themes, Yashfa is 2 columns layout and created with simplicity and grid based design with a lot of featured and good looking layout.


    What on Yashfa

    • Custom Image Header
    • A lot of Widgets
    • Comment Threaded
    • Gravatar
    • Separate Comment & Trackbacks / Pingback
    • Author Information
    • Grid Based Layout
    • Fix Width
    • GPL licensed

    For better experience you need to download some plugins. Such as Popular Post, WP-Pagenavi, Recent Comment. You can check Yashfa Demo here

    Download Yashfa

    If you are enjoy and love this Yashfa Theme, help me spread this themes to the world.

    Change Logs:

    1.0 : Public Releaed
    1.1 : Fix Header
    1.2 : Fix Error on Functions.php, Fix Menu, Fix Screenshot, Fix Extra Footer
    1.3 : Fix Error and internationalize support (thanks Aldo)
    1.4 : Fix Single Page problem
    1.5 : Fix IE Problem thanks for Tim Wilsie


    1. ikhsan

      mantab, bisa nggak ya di pake di Blogger…….

    2. AgusNaim

      coba ah….

    3. dawiecool

      keren nih…
      cuman kurang black aja..
      saya penggemar black neh..

    4. JA

      I like the clean look and the date appearing in a box next to each post. (I changed mint to display the abbrev. of the month instead of month number.)
      I have two users uploading to the blog and would love if I could have that box in a different colour when author is User1 or User2. Have you seen anything like that before where I could look at the code and figure out how to make that happen?
      It is a nice theme, and I do appreciate how easy it is to change the banner photo
      As this is our travel blog, this is something I will do often.
      Thank you

    5. Al

      Very nice.

      I’m not sure which plugin is causing it, but I’m getting the following error displaying under the post categories on the left side:

      Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in /site/public_html/wp-content/themes/Yashfa/functions.php on line 149

      • WPGPL Team

        Try to download version 1.2

    6. Arif

      sudah di donlut 🙂

    7. Cat

      Love the theme!! Any chance for a 3 column version of Yashfa in the future?

    8. Jim Martin

      I just downloaded your theme and I really like it! Everything has been relatively easy to figure out except for how to manipulate the “author information.”

      Where do I go in order to change the information that appears under the post?

      • WPGPL Team

        Profile Author that you mean? just edit your profile and the content will be updated.

    9. Josh

      I really like your theme, and am currently using it as well. However the comment box is currently stretching into the second column. Also it looks fine in firefox, but does not look correct in IE 7.

      Do you have any idea on how I may be able to fix it.

    10. Be nice kids

      I used it for my blog and look great, but I am sorry I have been modified font size on footer with 10px. Like Josh, comment form ‘nabrak’ side bar.

    11. Alec

      Lovely theme, but it is slightly broken in IE7. Scrollbars appear around the entire content area of the page.

    12. Mick

      Yep I get the same problem in IE, even on this site the layout looks messed up

    13. Mick

      Also where it says ‘The upper is the most recent comment’ it displays the oldest comment first. It does look great in FF though, would love it use this theme.

    14. Al

      Very nice.

      One other issue: In IE 7, the DHTML drop-down menus for subpages is BEHIND the customized banner image.

      • WPGPL Team

        I still try to fix it

        • Patrick

          This is still happening in version 1.7. Have you had any luck figuring out a fix for it?

    15. coffeeslinger

      This template looks stunning in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. IE7 is the only browser that displays the scrollbars. Looks like a wrapper. Any progress on debugging this? Because this is a really nice, clean template, but I think there are still some IE7 users out there on the intertubes…

    16. Yianni Garcia

      I can’t view my posts when I click on the title of the post. I can see the post when I’m at the Home tab but when I click on the individual blog post link, it takes me to the page but there is the body of the post is missing.

      Please respond here or email me at



      • WPGPL Team

        Sorry about this problem, please download version 1.4


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