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    Posted 14 Mar 2009 in WordPress Themes


    vita WordPress Theme is unique style. This theme is really clean layout and support a lot of featured. The featured that you’ll got on vita is

    • Custom Image Header
    • Widgets
    • Comment Threaded
    • Gravatar
    • Separate Comment & Trackbacks / Pingback included counter
    • Fix Width
    • GPL licensed


    This is our second themes that hosted on, before hosted on this site. This theme is hosted on, but for some reason such as separate themes version betwen GPL and Non GPL theme, Nurudin Jauhari decided to move this theme on

    Download Now

    You can download vita on this url below


    You can check the vita demo now

    F. A. Q.

    How To Change About Text?

    Open functions.php and find this code

    	<li class="about boxr">
    Aenean dui quam, pellentesque ut, commodo ac, tempor aliquam, turpis. Etiam accumsan rhoncus nisi. Morbi velit enim, mollis et, elementum sit amet, egestas sed, diam. Curabitur scelerisque, nulla et facilisis fringilla, sapien elit auctor augue, at porttitor ipsum nibh faucibus ligula.
    Stats: <span class="catr"><a title="<?php global $numcmnts;echo $numcmnts;?> Post">
    < ?php global $numposts;echo $numposts; ?>
    </a> Posts</span>, <span class="comr"><a title="<?php global $numcmnts;echo $numcmnts;?> Comments">
    < ?php global $numcmnts;echo $numcmnts;?>
    </a></span> Comments</li>

    Then you can edit/replace on this text

    Aenean dui quam, pellentesque ut, commodo ac, tempor aliquam, turpis. Etiam accumsan rhoncus nisi. Morbi velit enim, mollis et, elementum sit amet, egestas sed, diam. Curabitur scelerisque, nulla et facilisis fringilla, sapien elit auctor augue, at porttitor ipsum nibh faucibus ligula.

    Change Logs

    1.0 : First released
    1.1 : Fix custom image header options
    1.2 : Add Pingback / Trackback URL
    1.3 : Fix Comment Problem, add comment on Page and Add wp-smiley style.
    1.4 : Fix Tag Layout, and Enable Threaded Comment (WordPress 2.7) [8 January 2009]
    1.5 : Move Themes Host and fix some issues [15 March 2009]
    1.6 : Fix Page comment problem and WP Caption [9 July 2009]

    If you found any bugs or problem regarding this theme, you can leave some comment on this post.


    1. hapa bento


      I love this theme, however the red bar at the top is wrapping and overlapping the “home”, “about”, “register” when viewing on windows IE 7.0.

      How can we fix this?

      Thank you.

      • Tom Brussels

        @hapa bento

        I had the same thing with IE. Try to remove the search widget from your widget list. A search bar is automatically added to your blog with this theme. Once I removed it, the red menu at the top was displayed correctly in IE.

    2. hapa bento

      @Tom Brussels

      Thanks! It did the trick!

    3. Ingrid

      I added categories to the navigation bar at the top. How do I get the posts to display in those categories?

    4. Venkatesha Munivenkatachari


      Vita is a beautiful theme for wordpress. I have used this theme for one of my client. The problem is sidebar’s are not shown in the Internet explorer. But it is showed in Firefox, Chrome and all the other browsers. Would you please let me know if have i have missed something here.

      Thanks in advance and wish you a happy new year all.



    5. Best Registry Cleaners

      Nice Post! I really like these tools and wish you the best of luck with the themes.

    6. gary

      I’m having a problem with images and how they show up. When on the home page, the images are not resized and only parts of the image shows up in the image box or else the image box is huge and my image shows up as very small. It looks very sloppy when you look at all images on the home page. How do I fix?



    7. hapa bento

      Hi, How do I make the custom image header clickable? Thanks.

    8. Simon Harris

      Hi, I wonder if you might be able to help me with an issue? I am using Safari and the post titles are not correctly wrapping onto the second line, instead they are hitting into the little baloon graphic that has the number inside and getting obscured by it, the graphic is actually appearing on top of the post title text.

      Firefox is OK, the post title is wrapping earlier and there is a space between the last word and the graphic.

      Is there any way to solve this or to change the size of the post title font maybe this will force them not to clash like this? It would be best if it just displayed correctly in Safari?

      Many Thanks


      Many Thanks


      • Simon Harris

        This theme is not correctly displaying in Safari, there is no left margin whatsoever and if the browser is not stretched enough the left text touches the left side of the browser, this is in addition to the above issue with word wrap, I hope there is a solution to this because this is a nicely designed theme and it would be shame if I have to ditch it because of poor browser compatibility performance . . . .

    9. Barney

      How can I remove the “About”/”Recent post” widgets off the far-right sidebar? Is this possible.

      • WPGPL Team

        Of course is it possible.. you need to edit sidebar.php or download our update version later

    10. Michael Carroll

      Trying to add thumbnails to my “Listen” page: Each time I try to add thumbnail word wrap puts next paragraph next to thumbnail. Will send a screen shot of the problem if you need. Any help? Thanks.

    11. gabrielle

      re design vita
      I love it there is just something weird with the recent posts function – a search bat shows up at the end, it shouldn’t be there. how can I change it? I want to use the WP resent posts widget.

      • WPGPL Team

        It’s look like your Second Widget area didn’t display? or you didn’t use it?

    12. Luis Gonzales

      Recent entries clear desire, as I can do? or move it down, please tell me how to do it if they can not find like, thank you very much

    13. Dev

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    15. Muhammad

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