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    Posted 01 Jan 2012 in WordPress Plugins

    Would you make a table on your wordpress blog or you have an site for sell your product, so you need a table to show the table pricing?. Now you don’t need to confuse to built or make some table code on you posting. WP EDEN Already make WordPress Feature Table Plugin,  WordPress Feature Table Plugin is the exceptional kind of pricing or feature table builder for WordPress where you will have fully Ajax based and integrated WordPress sign in and registration form. And then after visitor choose a package they want to, they can log in or register on your site, And after registration successfully or completed, so visitor will be redirected to assigned URL for the selected package. That’s so easy right??

    Here are Feature Table Plugin Features :

    1. Sleek slider front end and admin.
    2. 4 different themes
    3. Unlimited columns
    4. Drag and Drop Column (Package) sorting
    5. Drag and Drop Row (Feature) sorting
    6. Edit Option for feature and packages
    7. Option to make a column features or best valued column
    8. Product-oriented Workflow
    9. Easy to set up and use
    10. Good documentation
    11. Easy to integrate with other plugins
    12. Ad tables with short-codes.
    13. Tinymce button to place shortcode easily in page/post content
    14. Template selection from short-code
    15. Same table with multiple templates
    16. Loading different template randomly and automatically for a table
    17. CSS3 and HTML5 based template
    18. Compatible with all browsers

    For more information visit the website developer, see demo here

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