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    Posted 30 Sep 2009 in WordPress Plugins

    KB Advanced RSS Widget: Gives user complete control over how feeds are displayed, this is the total solutions for replacing you default RSS Feed widgets for you WordPress Blogs.

    Why I recommended KB Advanced RSS Widget? it’s because default RSS Feed by WordPress is not enough, there are some limit on the default featured. But after I installed KB Advanced RSS Widget and test on my WordPress Blog, the problem has gone. I can setup how many and how the content will be displayed. All Feed under controls with easy ways.

    What can I do with this widget?

    Lots of things. The built-in RSS widget will handle traditional headline-style feeds well, but this widget allows you to handle untraditional feeds just as easily. For example:

    • Weather. Weather.com provides RSS feeds, but you’ll find more flexible feeds at RSSweather.com.
    • Upcoming events. If you have an RSS feed of calendar data, give it a go.

    Note that finding a suitable feed is up to you. It needs to be RSS, not just XML. (RSS is a sub-type of XML.) If you’re not sure whether the feed will work with MagpieRSS’s feed parser, then use the widget’s built in debugger (see below) to check out the feed in question.

    I hope you will enjoy KB Advanced RSS Widget and you can download on this page or if you need more information about this plugin you can check it on this page


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