Make your post shorten with Posttabs Plugin

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    Posted 05 Feb 2012 in WordPress Plugins

    Sometimes we write long article. And some readers of our blog feel lazy to read it because they need scrolling, moreover they read by phone or tablet. If you don’t want your blog look too long, if you do not want to write the article that you look too long and will lead to boredom for the reader, you need to make tabs that divide article into several parts. You may try this WP plugin. Post tabs, this is an old plugin, but still work in WP 3.0.

    PostTabs Plugin allows you to easily split your post/page content into Tabs that will be shown to your visitors. The colors of the tab can be easily changed to match you theme. The tabs will look good on almost every theme. If you find a theme where the tabs do not work out of the box, please send me a link and Ill check it.

    This Plugin already Tested on Firefox, IE6, iE7, Opera, Safari and Konqueror browser and good work.

    Download PostTabs plugin here

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