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    Posted 14 May 2010 in WordPress Plugins

    Some are on the wordpress plugin that you can use to optimize your blog. Such social-networking twitter users can also directly integrate their status through this plugin. By installing this plugin on your blog, for example, widgets on the sidebar, your status can directly appear in the menu. However, the placement of this plugin you can also put on a post or article you write, either in the article as well as on the main page of your blog.

    Some of the features you find in this plugin are:

    Display a number of latest tweets
    This feature will give the appearance of your status on the number of updates the last time. You can set the number of posts will be displayed on the plugin.

    Show your twitter’s avatar
    If you want to use the display of avatars on your profile, this plugin also provides many interesting avatar icon. You can select multiple characters avatars according to your wishes.

    Display / hide replies Tweet
    With this feature you can choose from several options to show or hide the look of your reply of the follower.

    Show your direct messages
    Display your status, particularly direct your message to the follower can be displayed on every Tweet you write, so all your follower will be able to see direct messages you send. However, this feature seems less enthused by the twitter user, besides lack of privacy, as well as less polite if the message you send is strictly confidential.


    1. rahul

      well i was searching for a plugin which updates every tweet from my site and every tweet appers on sidebar of my site 🙂


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