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Lazyzoun : An Amazon Products Plugin

Posted 18 Dec 2011 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins

You should read this posting, if you are amazon reseller or affiliate, or if you want to be a amazon affiliate. Now, you may use this plugin that is called by Lazyzoun Amazon Plugin to show amazon product on your blog on side bar. With Lazyzoun you can show any amazon products on side bar or of your website or blog easily or you may write any reviews about amazon items, it will more helps you monetize your blog. It’s easy because you don’t need to setting anything, you only need to upload Lazyzoun plugin in to your wp-content and than install an active it.  Here are the features of this plugin : Read the rest of this entry »

Download YouSayToo auto-publishing plugin

Posted 03 Dec 2011 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins, WordPress Tricks

You may increase you visitor by build backlink and make many publishing. One of the way may you have to add backlink on YouSayToo. Have you account on YouSayToo?. Now you may do auto-publishing plugin and backlink on your account with YouSayToo auto Publishing plugin on WordPress. Hm.. thats very nice plugin to use because you don’t need to sign in on your account if you only want to add whatvere you post on your blog. You just need to write on your post without need to add backlink on YouSayToo.

YouSayToo auto-publishing plugin and backlink all in one. It will automatically publish your posts in your YouSayToo account with credits to your blog. No changing of the blog feed settings required. Your blog needs to be added to YouSayToo in order for the plugin to work.

Download Here and Register Here if you don’t have account

Grand FLAGallery, an Amazing Photo Gallery plugin

Posted 28 Nov 2011 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins

Now, you can show your photos, videos, musics and other images on your website nicely. If you are using WordPress as your engine, you can use Grand Fla Gallery plug in to show you all.

GRAND FlA Gallery is a Image or Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Music Album and  Banner Rotator plugin with  very easy and powerfull admin to manage all of media you want to show. This plug will show your content with powerfull flash combined with jQuery. The plugin provides a comprehensive interface for handling photo, audio, video and other image such as banner etc.

And also you can edit your media content as you can create foto gallery, playlists of music, import music, create group of picture or banner for slideshow and also you can add descriptions for each image, playlists, or gallery photo. One thing is most important is, this plugin was included Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) that compatible with Google Reader, FeedBurner and other search engine.

You can download here to use this plug in.

SEO Smart Links Review

Posted 07 Sep 2011 — by WPGPL Team
Category WordPress Plugins

If you are really concern about your blog traffics you should try SEO Smart Links WordPress Plugin. This plugin worked really awesome and automatically convert any word that relevant with your content into inner links. This plugin developed by Vladimir.

SEO Smart Links provides automatic SEO benefits for your site in addition to custom keyword lists, nofollow and much more.

SEO Smart Links can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog.

There are two version of this plugin, Free Version and Premium Version. You can download this plugin on WordPress Plugin Read the rest of this entry »

How To Create Custom Categories Titles

Posted 24 Dec 2010 — by WPGPL Team
Category WordPress Plugins

Custom Categories Titles Plugin

Custom Categories Titles Plugin

Download Custom Categories Titles is the best choice. For some reason we need to re write or rename our Categories Titles. If we must do it manually it’s really pain. Now using Custom Categories Titles Plugin. You can do it and handle it more easier. Why we need this plugin?

This plugin allows you to specify custom titles for categories. This is especially useful when you are using category pages for content and want to optimize the title.

That’s what Developer of Custom Categories Titles has said. So it’s really good for SEO and build inner link. This plugin compatible with latest WordPress 3.1 and beyond. Read the rest of this entry »

Download WordPress SEO by Yoast

Posted 03 Dec 2010 — by WPGPL Team
Category WordPress Plugins

Yoast author of many (more than 20) WordPress Plugin released another useful plugin, this plugin called WordPress SEO. WordPress SEO us a plugin to optimize your WordPress blogs easier than ever. WordPress SEO built in support with breadcrumb, sitemap xml and many more. Read the rest of this entry »

3D Carousel Menu, Animation plugin for Your Blog

Posted 08 May 2010 — by Teguh Yulianto
Category WordPress Plugins

3D Carousel Image Plugin

Using the WordPress blog platform does have many advantages. In addition to CSS and XML applications that are SEO friendly, a lot of supporting applications that serves to optimize your blog, especially for a blog that is specifically used for Internet marketing. Talking about Internet Marketing, meaning we should have a good sense of people, namely how to attract visitors to the blog we are more interested in what we give them, whether it be information or something that they need.

One key to the success of a blog that is used for Monetize your blog, must be look attractive and interesting, OK. Usually a few plugins that you can use is the nature of Flash animation, where the main purpose of the use and application of this plugin is more interesting for your blog visitors to do the transaction, or at least they often visit your blog. One of these is the 3D plugin Carousel Menu, which is included into the types of applications offer image roll, ie an image containing a link that fixed on a link or page on a blog or website. This application has support for WordPress latest series, which is 2.9.0. Read the rest of this entry »

All in One SEO Pack

Posted 08 Apr 2009 — by WPGPL Team
Category WordPress Plugins

All in One SEO Pack is another my favorite WordPress Plugins, this plugin so genious and useful. I was tried in my several blog and running without any worries. This plugin is the right solution for you WordPress blogs. Easy to Install and easy to configure, make All in One SEO Pack is the right solution.

You can download All in One SEO Pack on WordPress Plugins area. This plugins have a tagline Optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization). This plugin really popular, you can check on the download stats below.


download All in One SEO Pack or visit All in One SEO Pack developer website