Lazyzoun : An Amazon Products Plugin

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    Posted 18 Dec 2011 in WordPress Plugins

    You should read this posting, if you are amazon reseller or affiliate, or if you want to be a amazon affiliate. Now, you may use this plugin that is called by Lazyzoun Amazon Plugin to show amazon product on your blog on side bar. With Lazyzoun you can show any amazon products on side bar or of your website or blog easily or you may write any reviews about amazon items, it will more helps you monetize your blog. It’s easy because you don’t need to setting anything, you only need to upload Lazyzoun plugin in to your wp-content and than install an active it.  Here are the features of this plugin :

    1. Quickly add any product by using custom-fields
    2. Adds automatically a customizable “call-to-action-button”, a product-image and the current product-price.
    3. Local cache stores the image to a folder on your server (SEO-friendly)
    4. Google Analytics click tracking.
    5. Uses the Amazon Product Advertising API
    6. Requires an AWS Public and Private Key

    Do you interest to using Lazyzoun as your Amazon Products plugin, Click Here to download.

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