Count Per Day WordPress Plugin

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    Posted 16 Dec 2011 in WordPress News

    It feels incomplete if your site is not equipped with the report how many visitors view and read every post on our website. If you are using wordpress as the engine on your website, you can consider using this counter and put it on your website, so you and other visitors can find out how many people are visiting your website. You can use the Count per Day plugin to count how many people come and read your posted on your website or blog. Here the features of Count per Day plugin :

    1. Count reads and visitors
    2. Shows reads per page
    3. Shows visitors today, yesterday, last week, last months and other statistics on dashboard.
    4. Shows country of your visitors
    5. You can show these statistics on front end per widget or short codes too

    And “Count per Day” counts only 1 visit per IP per day. So any reload of the page do not increment the counter. Click here to download from wordpress or for more detail you can visit website developer.

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