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Exattosoft WP Site Protector Free Plugin

Posted 22 Dec 2011 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins

Do you want to protect your site from copier or stolen by another person? Exactly, you need website protector to do that. Now is already any Site Protector Plugin to protect your site if you are using wordpress. This plugin is very easy to setup  and will full protection to your precious content and images from being stolen or copied. 
The plugin was developed by ExattoSoft, and there are two versions available under the name of  WP Site Protector Read the rest of this entry »

Download : TP (TweetPress), a powerful Twitter plugin

Posted 21 Dec 2011 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins

Now you may integrate between your blog or website that used wordpress as engine with your twitter account. You may do this way with one powerful plugin, thats called by TP (TweetPress). With this plugin you don’t need to think hard about write script on your wordpress. Just download TP and upload to your server, then install it.

TP or TweetPress was provide you all you need about tools to integrate your wordpress blog and your twitter account. That’s all Read the rest of this entry »

Monalisa Smile Plugin

Posted 19 Dec 2011 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins

Sometime we want tomake our website more beautiful with some jargon or symbols. For, those matter you may use Monalisa Plugin. Monalisa is the plugin that may you put smiles symbol on your website like monalisa does. You can place the smilies of your choice when you are writing an posts or make a new pages or your visitor can make a smile also on the comment form.With this Plugin you may put smile easier because there are a lot plugins for smiley support out there and some of them are really useful. Read the rest of this entry »

Lazyzoun : An Amazon Products Plugin

Posted 18 Dec 2011 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins

You should read this posting, if you are amazon reseller or affiliate, or if you want to be a amazon affiliate. Now, you may use this plugin that is called by Lazyzoun Amazon Plugin to show amazon product on your blog on side bar. With Lazyzoun you can show any amazon products on side bar or of your website or blog easily or you may write any reviews about amazon items, it will more helps you monetize your blog. It’s easy because you don’t need to setting anything, you only need to upload Lazyzoun plugin in to your wp-content and than install an active it.  Here are the features of this plugin : Read the rest of this entry »

Protect your blog from splogger with WangGuard

Posted 08 Dec 2011 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins

Have you protect your website from spams, sploggers ? or you might use a blog protection code so far, are you satisfied?, Exactly, you can choose of many website or blog protection plug in or code, free or paid, it’s doesn’t matter.  But make sure you stay to control your website regularly to make sure if your website or your blog is secure from spams and splogger attack. Or you may use WangGuard to protect your website from any spams an splogger attack.

WangGuard are not only protect your website from sploggers, spam users or unwanted users. WangGuard will be cleans Read the rest of this entry »

Ultimate TinyMCE plugin : visual HTML editor

Posted 08 Dec 2011 — by herman
Category WordPress News

has a website with an unsightly appearance, ease in searching and full of interesting innovations are making visitors comfort on our website, is the dream of all bloggers. But not all Blogger understand and know how to create websites that are nice to look at, fun to read and seemed to be on the science park, so we enjoyed being our website. And Now, you may use Ultimate TinyMCE to make your website more exciting. This plugin will expand the default array of buttons in the visual tinymce editor, giving you the power to visually create your pages and posts. No need for mucking about in HTML and CSS.


Here the feature of TinyMCE : Read the rest of this entry »

Blog Update Reminder Plugin

Posted 06 Dec 2011 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins

If you are a blogger who’s have many web blog and you post by your self , it’s mean you are not using auto blog or you are blog writer for other people .  You may use this plugin which will remind you if you are not post for that day by auto emails that will send to your email automatically. Otherwise, the users will receive their reminder emails the next time someone visits the blog website.

For reminder you may set as you want to, how many days a email remainder will be automatically send to you. When this plugin is installed, it automatically finds all authors (users) of the blog, and sets their Read the rest of this entry »

Social Networking Comment Plugin

Posted 04 Dec 2011 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins

Try to use this plug in leave a comment on your blog. This is a good Social Networking Comment Plugin, that allow your blog visitors to leave comment and login with their social networks account like Twitter, Facebook, Paypal, LinkedIn, Hyves, OpenID, VKontakte, Google and Yahoo.

The Social Login Plugin is developed by OneAll, a technology company offering a set of web-delivered tools and services for establishing and optimizing a site’s connection with social providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo!, LinkedIn amongst others. This is a professional though free plugin that allows your visitors to comment, login and register with social networks. So you may use this plugin to make your blog visitors easier to leave a comment.

You can setting, the comment formular, the login page, the registration page. And nicely, the login widget that you can easily put on sidebar of your website. And this plugin is supported Social Networking such as : Facebook, Twitter, Google,LinkedIn, Paypal, Yahoo, OpenID, WordPress, Hyves and VKontakte.

Try make your blog easier to leave comment with this plugin, download here.

Download YouSayToo auto-publishing plugin

Posted 03 Dec 2011 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins, WordPress Tricks

You may increase you visitor by build backlink and make many publishing. One of the way may you have to add backlink on YouSayToo. Have you account on YouSayToo?. Now you may do auto-publishing plugin and backlink on your account with YouSayToo auto Publishing plugin on WordPress. Hm.. thats very nice plugin to use because you don’t need to sign in on your account if you only want to add whatvere you post on your blog. You just need to write on your post without need to add backlink on YouSayToo.

YouSayToo auto-publishing plugin and backlink all in one. It will automatically publish your posts in your YouSayToo account with credits to your blog. No changing of the blog feed settings required. Your blog needs to be added to YouSayToo in order for the plugin to work.

Download Here and Register Here if you don’t have account

Click Desk : Live Chat plug in for wordpress

Posted 01 Dec 2011 — by herman
Category WordPress Plugins

If you have any website that requires a direct service or live chat with your website visitor or your customers, perhaps you should be consider to using this plug on the website, but  if you are using wordpress as engine. ClickDesk for the first time in the industry that integrates live-chat and call directly into your IM , so you can conveniently take chats and answer calls on your IM on computer or mobile phone.
ClickDesk is the fastest live-chat service. Built-in Browser Phone and local access numbers in up to 40 countries are included. And more advantage of this pluin besides of the fastest live-chat service is the Read the rest of this entry »